SATA Group is comprised of the companies SATA and TRANSLOP.

Through the proper management of all our processes, the evaluation of our suppliers, the effective commercialisation of our products and by providing sound customer service–as well as by performing internal controls to ensure that we are environmentally friendly in all that we do–we are able to provide quality service, every time.

SATA’s story begins in 1984 with the creation of a company dedicated to transporting goods.

Since 1986 we have specialised in road transport, both national and international. Our professionalism is our greatest attribute, ensuring we always deliver quality service.


SATA Group is created following the acquisition of TRANSLOP


Moving floor transportation is rolled out in both Spain and internationally


The company earns GMP+ certification


Tipper truck transportation is developed


The company earns ISO 14001 certification


The company begins to operate internationally, particularly to France and Italy


Evaluación SQAS, fruto del crecimiento de su división de transporte de líquidos


Powder tank transportation is rolled out


The company earns ISO 9001 certification


Translop SL is founded in Alcañiz, Aragon


SATA is founded in Zaragoza, Aragon

SATA has boasted ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certification since 2001 and 2007, respectively, and has met the requirements of the SQAS system since 2003, as assessed by CEFIC, which covers aspects such as quality, security, environment and work risks.