Safety, our priority

Here at SATA, safety comes first.

We work with dangerous goods (ADR) each and every day, which means that safety is paramount when performing all our transport services and other related operations.
We know that zero risk is impossible; however, we attack risk from several different fronts to mitigate it is as much as possible.

We work closely with the Prevention Service in identifying and analysing the risks present and implementing the necessary checks, as well as ensuring the health and safety of all our workers.

Considering these risks, we create work processes–such as performing daily checks on all equipment and trucks–which guarantee that our employees are safe while performing their work-related tasks, and we provide them with all the personal protective equipment (PPE) they require and training in risk prevention.

With this in mind, we have set up a behaviour-based safety (BBS) system which we use to train and assess all our drivers in the safest practices when it comes to driving and performing other operations.

We are constantly renewing our fleet of vehicles–which has an average age of less than 5 years–to make sure that our vehicles are fitted with all the latest safety technology and mechanisms, like stability control, ABS and speed limiters, all with the goal of reducing accidents on the roads. In addition, we perform rigorous preventive maintenance on all our vehicles to guarantee that they are kept in perfect condition and to reduce breakdowns and accidents, while we also use collective protection methods, including life lines on all our tanks, to keep our workers safe while loading and unloading.
Our fleet is monitored 24/7 via GPS and we maintain constant communication with our drivers to stay on top of any incident that may arise during transportation.

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